Pre School

Every child is a unique individual who has an innate desire to do his or her very best. Children must be valued, listened to, respected, loved and cared for.

Our Nurturing Early Learners Framework aims to build the foundation for children to achieve the desired outcomes of education and key stage outcomes by helping them acquire knowledge, skills and dispositions through six learning areas added with Information Technology and the Mandarin language.

Language and Literacy:
Students learn to listen for information and enjoyment. Speak to convey meaning and communicate with others. They will use drawing, mark-making, symbols and writing with invented and conventional spelling to communicate ideas and information. Examples: Story time, rhymes and songs, creative writing, phonics development and reading.

Students will learn to count, classify, manipulate numbers, and concepts (time, shapes, measures, patterns) through stories, games and exploration.

Discovery of the World:
Students will find out why things happen and how things work through simple investigations and explorations. They will learn to show an interest in the world they live in and others around them. Examples: cooking, environmental awareness, responsibility, and celebrating cultural diversity.

Motor Skills Development:
Students will learn to demonstrate control and coordination in fine motor tasks as well as gross motor skills. They will develop healthy habits and safety awareness at home, in school and in public places. Examples: Sand and water play, gym, indoor and outdoor play, get fit programme, threading, art activities and field trips.

Social and Emotional Development:
Students will learn to develop an awareness of personal identity and how to manage emotions and behaviors. They will also learn to show respect for diversity and how to become independent and responsible life-long learners

Aesthetic and Creative Expression:
Students will learn to express ideas and feelings through art, music and movement. They will create art and music and movement using experimentation and imagination. Examples: Art, music, dance, performance, developing personal expression and confidence.

Information Technology (IT):
Students will learn to develop computer skills and how to use technology purposefully.

Students will learn to speak with confidence, recognize and write characters, songs , rhymes, stories and other cultural activities.