Alumni Testimonials

SIS Cilegon is a small school, but it is a wonderful school. From the loving teachers, to the exuberant friends, my time in this school has shaped me into the person I am today. One of my fondest memories here is during my graduation, in which my classmate and I were given a heart warming goodbye. This school taught me how to learn, taught me how to care and most importantly, taught me how to live life. I am forever grateful to this school.

By: Trisha Elaine
Grade 7

Since I was grade 1, I thought this school will only make me smart but I was wrong. This school was the best I have attended. This school was fun and also made smart. Since I got older, this school mad me smarter thank before. Every day, I always woke up early and immediately went to school because I could not hold my excitement. Thank you to this school, I am one of the smartest in my present school and I can make more friends. SIS Cilegon is the best decision I have ever made.

By: Marvin Suhardi
Grade 7

Every time people asked me about my previous school, SIS Cilegon, I always answer their question with one simple word - HOMEY.

Yes, it’s located beside a housing complex. The building is very wide. For sports we got one humongous soccer field, a gym which has 2 basketball rings, and plenty of sports equipment such as jumping ropes, balls, hoops and a lot more. For Science we have a lab with complete lab equipment. We also have a theatre, a music room and an art and craft room. The library is the most amazing place besides the soccer field. The library has plenty of books and games. My friends and I could stay at the library for the entire break time to play games there. The library is connected to the computer room, the staff room and the principal’s room. Besides playing in the library during break time, we also like to play in the field, the gym, the sandbox, and the slide with other students. It’s a small family, but it’s good because we know each other and we’re close to each other. It was so much fun and unforgettable.

When I was in Primary 4, our school started having Prefects. You might wonder what Prefects are and what they do? Well, basically, Prefects are like OSIS. The Prefects are given different duties during break and lunch time. The places that we needed to stay are the library, canteen area, and play area. Every morning a Prefect also has a duty to stay at the lobby to accompany the Pre-Schoolers to their classes. I became a Prefect from P4 until P5. It was a fun job. I became more responsible, I learnt to be polite and I became a good model to the lower primary students.
For our school programmes, we usually have 2 concerts in each school year. Those are the times when we can show our parents, friends and teachers who we really are. True, we met the teachers every day, but we show them our knowledge. During these events, it’s like we’re different people. It’s not usual to see the whole school dance and sing. During the first concert, most of us were still shy. But since then, we’re more open with each other. We don’t have to feel shy anymore because it’s cool to have a little fun, joke and fool around in class rather than be quiet and have awkward silences. Well, we’re not in detention, and as long as we don’t make a mess, I’m pretty sure the teachers are fine with it.
Speaking of teachers, SIS teachers are really fun. In class, they’re our teachers, but outside the school, they are our friends and mentors. We can rely on them. I used to share my Yahoo! Messenger with some of my teachers and on weekends I chatted with them, and asked for advice.     

It was really amazing remembering these moments and how much fun we have every day in school. It made me ask myself, where can I find a school as fun as SIS? I met funny, amazing and true friends.  The staff and teachers are great, and the students are cooperative. I thank SIS so much for giving me these unforgettable moments.

Grade 10
Member Musical Drama
Prefect 2005 - 2008

I just love everything about SIS Cilegon -  the kids here, the teachers, the lab, everything! 
SIS Cilegon is my second home.  When I’m in SIS, I feel like I’m home.
The first time I went to SIS, I was a very shy girl.  But after 4 years of studying here, I’m brave enough to show everything, my talents and my mistakes. Now that I’m in secondary school, I go around Indonesia taking part in competitions.  Thank you so much to everyone.  You’re part of my life.

2nd place Spelling Bee (Province Level)
1st place Speech Contest (Province Level)
1st place National Speech Contest
Head Prefect 2009-2010
Prefect 2007-2009

The days I spent in SIS are the most memorable.  I got to meet so many great friends and learnt many new skills. 
One of the things I love about SIS is how close the pupils and the teachers were to each other.  This is something that I do not experience in my secondary school.  I may have taken those times for granted before but now they have become my treasured memories.

Grade 11
Henderson Secondary School, Singapore
Participant, Science Competition 2010
Head Prefect 2007-2008
Prefect 2005-2007

The memories I have of SIS are unforgettable. I had a lot of fun and made many friends.  SIS is like a family to me.  It is very different from my secondary school, it is very lively and exciting.  I wish I could stay in SIS.   Even though I’m away, SIS will always be a part of my life.

Grade 9
Henderson Secondary School Singapore
Head Prefect 2008-2009
Prefect 2006-2008

First of all, I’d like to congratulate my little sister Ivashka,  she just graduated from primary school. 
SIS Cilegon is, by far, the best primary school I have ever joined.  I learnt how to speak English here and enjoyed every single moment I spent in this school.  I wish I could go back in time and be in primary school again. 
SIS is a part of me now and I would never forget all the joyful times I had with my wonderful friends.  I’ll cherish the memories and hope that I can still visit SIS Cilegon. 
Secondary 2
BUKIT MERAH, Singapore

SIS, no doubt, is the best school I have enrolled in.  The population of the school is small which made for stronger bonds between students and teachers. 
My favourite time in school is every day I spent in SIS.  Although moving on is sad, SIS has created an opportunity for me to move on to the higher level. 
I will come back to SIS whenever I have the time.

Grade 10
Prefect 2005 - 2007